if you haven’t played ocarina of time first of all why


"I occasionally have a human customer come into the shop. at that time I get exited...I can't explain it well but I'm pretty happy to have them."
Avatar: The Last Airbender Rewatch
Favorite Characters: Sokka


Jean kierstein is one of those characters that no matter how long you go without watching that show you just get overwhelmed by sudden adoration and your love for his character floods in and you could be doing dishes or w/e and then suddenly you’re rolling around in feels

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i watched lilo and stitch again with my lil’ sis… and this quote reminded me of this lovely trio!!!

c’mon eren just let mikasa hug u

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"They seemed to have a fixed notion of what fantasy means to them. and to them it consisted of a medieval European world. I wanted to change that."
Yoshinori Kitase on Final Fantasy X and it’s Southeast Asian inspired setting.

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